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Ernesto Weisburg

Minister, Entrepreneur, and Traveler 

About Ernesto Weisburg

Ernesto Weisburg is currently a resident of Allentown, Pennsylvania, but he prides himself on his love of travel, both in the United States and globally. Traveling has increased Ernesto’s knowledge and widened his perspective. During his travels, he takes the time to learn about the history and geography of wherever he’s visiting. You can’t fully understand a present-day location until you know about its past. His membership at the Institute of Logistics and Transport also gives him unique knowledge about traveling. 

Ernesto Weisburg loves traveling because it connects him with people from all walks of life. When traveling abroad, he explores the cultures of each country, discovering similarities and differences between cultures and traditions. This gives him a new perspective about life that he implements into his day-to-day interactions. Ernesto recommends travel to anyone with the means and ability, as it can be an enriching experience that brings people together. 

Home in Allentown, Ernesto Weisburg is a minister at Saint Luke’s Ministries, a position he has held since September 2018. In 2013, Ernesto earned a Master of Science in Divinity from Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO. Through his 7 years of experience in spiritual ministry, Ernesto Weisburg has become skilled in helping community members strengthen their relationships with God by guiding individuals throughout service activities. In addition to officiating special services and conducting worship services, Ernesto is an active participant in community events. He has spearheaded programs to increase church members’ service throughout the community and organized community outreach programs. He also provides spiritual care and leadership. His interest in charity and compassion is something Ernesto takes with him as he travels.

The lessons learned throughout his travels have helped Ernesto Weisburg to be a better businessman. He is a proud entrepreneur with special interests in the history of entrepreneurship, the influence of social and educational background, positives and negatives of entrepreneurship, and characteristics of entrepreneurs. All of these interests come together to paint a full picture, giving him a clear insight into the motivation of becoming an entrepreneur. Learning about different cultures has helped him hone his communication skills, and Ernesto finds it easy to relate to others in both life and business. 

Since February 2012, Ernesto Weisburg has been a private investigator and the CEO of Ernesto Detective Services. He collects and maintains accurate documentation for both routine and emergency situations, uploading all evidence into a case management system. He performs undercover work when necessary, and will conduct surveillance for up to 12 hours at a time. This is just one example of how Ernesto’s keen entrepreneurial skills have led to a successful business venture. 

Ernesto Weisburg’s work has allowed him the flexibility and opportunity to see a great deal of the world around him. When visiting new places, he fully immerses himself in the local culture, using his expert communication skills to connect with others on a personal level wherever he goes. Being a minister involves public speaking, but Ernesto also has the ability to engage in meaningful dialogue, both in a spiritual setting and a casual setting.